Methods of Giving

Which method of giving should I use?

Standing Order

The most popular way of giving is by Standing Order via your bank. This enables you to decide how much you want to give each month, and when you want to give it. The Church knows how much it is receiving, which helps with planning our budget. You simply complete a Standing Order form which we will provide for you, or you can download a copy below, and when completed we will send it to your bank.

Click here to download a copy of the standing order form

Envelope Scheme

We can supply you with a box of 52 envelopes, to which you can add your weekly offering.  The filled envelope can then be dropped into the offertory box each week.  Speak to one of the Church Wardens if you would like to give in this way.

Cash and cheques

If you are unable to commit to a regular amount you can give by cash or each week, putting it in the offering box.
Cheques should be made payable to “All Saints Laleham PCC”.


You can now give to All Saints’ Laleham online at  or by downloading the iPhone or Android App.

Annual or One off Gifts

If you find it easier to make an annual gift or you wish to make a one off gift in addition to your regular giving, this can be done by simply writing a cheque.


A gift from your estate can be included in your will. This is one way some people like to make a gift for the future.