All Saints’ Finances

As a Church we would encourage all our members to give 10% of their income to God through the church, but we recognise it is a personal decision.

There is no law that Christians ought to give a tenth. The New Testament encourages us to give out of love for God, not to fulfil some legal obligation. However, since most Christian work needs regular, committed financial support, giving a percentage of income makes good sense.

What’s the money spent on?

The Common Fund – our contribution to the Diocese which pays for the Vicar’s salary, housing and training. Additional costs are church repairs, heating, cleaning, churchyard maintenance, office costs, youth work, evangelism and training count for the bulk of the church’s regular, on going expenses. A proportion of the budget is set aside for missions (allocated according to member’s instructions). For more information on which missions we support go to “Links” on this website.