Online Resources – 29th March 2020

How can I be sustained and grow in my Christian faith when there are no church services or groups?

There are some amazing resources online. This page, which will be updated, points you to some of the best. The best place to start is – an amazing treasure trove of video resources.


All Saints’, Laleham

Yes, we have a service streamed each Sunday at 10 am

Want some other options, including evening services? You could try

Dundonald Church in Wimbledon

All Souls, Langham Place

And there’s always the back catalogue of sermons at All Saints’ – on our website.


Tori recommends this great resource: (Also here: )

Amongst the treasure trove of video resources that is…

They’ve got a section for kids here:

And for teens here:

Bible reading

A lot of the All Saints’ church family have been using this

You can start at any point – why not try it today?

For a more in depth study there are a huge range of amazing animated videos by the Bible Project here

TV programmes and talks

A treasure trove of wonderful videos here:

For something visual, short and thought provoking you could try the Go Chatter videos are here:

( is based at Jesmond Parish Church in Newcastle. They’re also streaming their services here: + they include a children’s talk and downloadable worksheets!)


The rich pattern of Anglican Morning and Evening Prayer is available here:

More specific prayers for the current situation are here:


Again, the site has a great section of songs:

Tori has recommended this for kids

A personal favourite (Andy) is Robin Mark

Exploring the Christian Faith

Christianity Explored videos are here:

Some real life stories and answers to tough questions are here:

More real life stories, and thought provoking videos here:

Missing your sport?

Some videos for different ages here:

The Diocese of London has its own resources page, with details of lots of live streamed services, and a useful booklet of prayers.