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DateSpeakerBible PassageTitle
22 MarchRev Andy SavilleStreamed serviceAudio only
08 Mar 2020Graham KingsJohn 3:1-17You must be born again
08 Mar 2020Pastor DesmondMatthew 6:5-13, Romans 8:14-17, Hebrews 10:22-25The God Family
01 Mar 2020Alan VinceMatthew 4:1-11Testing in the Wilderness
01 Mar 2020Richard AttertonRomans 11:33-12:2Purpose: Worship
23 Feb 2020Alan McLaughlinMatt 17:1-9The Transfiguration
23 Feb 2020Rev Andy SavilleJohn 4:1-26Good news for all
16 Feb 2020Rev Andy SavilleJohn 3:1-15Good News for the moral
16 Feb 2020Richard AttertonJohn 3:16-18A Fresh Start
09 Feb 2020Bishop GrahamSuffering and Christianity
09 Feb 2020Rev Andy SavilleJohn 1:40-46, 4:28:30Second thoughts on invitation
02 Feb 2020Michael HarveyJohn 1:35-51Invitation - the first thing
26 Jan 2020Richard AttertonMatthew 4:12-233rd of Epiphany
26 Jan 2020Nick Gray2 Peter 1:3-11Benefits of the Gospel - Present
19 Jan 2020Graham KingsJohn 1:39-42Second Epiphany
19 Jan 2020Keith WilsonColossians 1:1-14Benefits of the Gospel : Past
12 Jan 2020Alan VinceMatthew 3:13-17The Baptism of Christ
5 Jan 2020Rev Ian SmailesMatthew 2:12-33The flip side of Christmas