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DateSpeakerBible PassageTitle
29 Dec 2019Alan McLaughlinGalatians 4:1-7Made God's Sons
15 Dec 2019Rev Andy SavilleCarol Service ReflectionsReflections on the coming Messiah
15 Dec 2019Richard AttertonRevelation 22:1-5The Perfected Kingdom
08 Dec 2019Alan VinceLuke 21:25-33The Day of the Lord
08 Dec 2019Rev Ian Smailes2 Corinthians 4:13-18The Proclaimed Kingdom
01 Dec 2019Alan McLaughlinLuke 1:67-79The Present Kingdom
24 Nov 2019Alan VinceJohn 6:5-14The End of Christ
24 Nov 2019Rev Andy SavilleIsaiah 9:2-7The Prophesied Kingdom
17 Nov 2019Alan McLaughlinMatthew 18:21-35Forgiveness: God's and ours
17 Nov 2019Rev Andy SavilleExodus 19:3-8The Partial Kingdom
10 Nov 2019Richard AttertonJohn 4:46b-54From faith to faith
10 Nov 2019Rev Andy SavilleJoshua 4:1-9, 19-24Remind the people
03 Nov 2019Richard AttertonMatthew 22:1-14Royal Invitation
03 Nov 2019Rev Andy SavilleGenesis 17:1-8The Promised Kingdom
27 Oct 2019Richard AttertonMatthew 9:1-8Faith and Forgiveness
27 Oct 2019Rev Andy SavilleGenesis 2:8-17The Pattern of the Kingdom
20 Oct 2019Alan McLaughlinMatthew 22:34-46Question Time
20 Oct 2019Malcolm FlemingJohn 10:1-10Why read the Bible?
13 Oct 2019Rev Andy SavilleLuke 14:1-11A Dinner Table Sermon
6 Oct 2019Alan VinceLuke 7:11-17The Lord of LIfe
6 Oct 2019Bishop GrahamJohn 20:19-23Peace
29 Sep 2019Rev Andy SavilleMatthew 6:24-34Be not anxious
29 Sep 2019Neil Meehan2 Corinthians 9:6-15The God who keeps on giving
29 Sep 2019Alan VinceLuke 12:13-21First things first
22 Sep 2019Alan McLaughlinLuke 17:11-19A Chapter of Surprises
15 Sep 2019Alan VinceLuke 10:23-37Who is my Neighbour?
08 Sep 2019Rev Andy SavilleGenesis 8:15-22In the News: Climate
01 Sep 2019Rev Andy SavilleLuke 18:9-14The Two Worshippers
01 Sep 2019Rev Andy SavilleGenesis 1:26-31In the news: The Enviroment
25 Aug 2019Rev Andy SavilleLuke 19:41-47Love's lament
25 Aug 2019Alan VinceJohn 14:1-14I am the way
18 Aug 2019Alan VinceJohn 16:1-9Unrighteous Mammon
18 Aug 2019Alan McLaughlinJohn 15:1-8I am the true Vine
11 Aug 2019Rev Andy SavilleJohn 10:10-21I am the good shepherd
04 Aug 2019Alan McLaughlinMark 8:1-10aBaptism of Jesus
04 Aug 2019Richard AttertonJohn 8:12I am the light of the world
28 July 2019Richard AttertonMatthew 5:20-26The Higher Righteousness
28 July 2019Rev Ian SmailesJohn 6:25-35I am the bread of life
21 July 2019Alan McLaughlinLuke 5:1-11The Day of Discovery
21 July 2019Richard Atterton1 Kings 21:1-16You shall not covert
14 July 2019Richard AttertonLuke 6:36-42The Kingdom of Grace
14 July 2019Alan VinceMatthew 15:17-20You shall not lie
30 June 2019Richard AttertonLuke 14:16-24Invitation to a banquet
30 June 2019Rev Andy SavilleMatthew 5:27-32Affair-proof our relationships
23 June 2019Richard AttertonLuke 16:19-31Duty and Destiny
23 June 2019Rev Andy SavilleMatthew 5:21-26Manage your anger
16 June 2019Richard AttertonJohn 3:1-15Experimental Christianity
16 June 2019Rev Andy SavilleExodus 20:12Honour your parents
09 June 2019Rev Ian SmailesJohn 14: 15-31Paraclete
09 June 2019Rev Andy SavilleActs 2:1-21Pentecost
02 June 2019Alan VinceWhen the comforter is comeWhen the comforter is come
02 June 2019Rev Andy SavilleExodus 20:8-11Remember God's day of rest
26 May 2019Alan VinceJohn 16:23-33Valedictory
26 May 2019Rev Andy SavilleExodus 20:7You shall not misuse God's name
19 May 2019Alan VinceJohn 16:5-15The way to Pentecost
19 May 2019Rev Andy SavilleExodus 20:4-6You shall not make idols
12 May 2019Alan VinceJohn 16:16-22The new vision
12 May 2019Rev Andy SavilleExodus 20:1-3Live by priorities
28 April 2019Alan VinceJohn 10:11-16The Good Shepherd
28 April 2019Rev Andy SavilleLuke 24:13-35Knowing the King
Easter Sunday 630Richard AttertonJohn 20:1-10The Empty Tomb
Good FridayRev Andy SavilleLuke 23:26-43Hour at the cross
Maundy ThursdayRev Ian SmailesLuke 22:7-23Remembering the King
14 Apr 2019Alan McLaughlinMatthew 27:1-54The Passion of our Lord
14 Apr 2019Richard AttertonLuke 19:28-40Welcoming the King
14 Apr 2019Alan VinceLuke 19:28-40Welcoming the King
7 Apr 2019Rev Ian SmailesJohn 8:46-59The Fact of Christ
7 Apr 2019Rev Andy SavilleLuke 19:41-48Rejecting the King
31 Mar 2019Rev Andy SavilleRevelation 3:14-22Royal Mail: a blind complacency
24 Mar 2019Alan VinceLuke 11:14-28The Underworld of Evil
24 Mar 2019Rev Ian SmailesRevelation 3:7-13Royal Mail: An open door
17 Mar 2019Richard AttertonMatthew 15:21-28Prevailing prayer
17 Mar 2019Rev Andy SavilleRevelation 3:1-6Royal Mail: A false reputation.
10 Mar 2019Alan McLaughlinMatthew 4:1-11The Temptation
10 Mar 2019Rev Andy SavilleRevelation 2:18-29Royal Mail: A dandgerous tolerance
3 Mar 2019Richard AttertonLuke 88:31-43Blindness
3 Mar 2019Alan VinceLuke 19:28-36The Transfiguration
24 Feb 2019Rev Andy SavilleLuke 8:4-15The Sower
24 Feb 2019Alan McLaughlinRevelation 2:12-17Royal Mail: A faithful witness
17 Feb 2019Rev Ian SmailesMatthew 20:1-16The Labourers
17 Feb 2019Rev Andy SavilleRevelation 2:1-7Royal Mail: Lost Love
10 Feb 2019Rev Andy SavilleRevelation 1:1-20Royal Mail: The Church Leader
03 Feb 2019Alan McLaughlinMatthew 13:24-30Wheat and Weeds
27 Jan 2019Richard AttertonMatthew 8:23-34Master of the storm
27 Jan 2019Pastor Keith WilsonHebrews 10:19-25Keep Meeting
20 Jan 2019Alan VinceMatthew 8:1-13Come unto me.
20 Jan 2019Pastor Nick GrayHebrews 4:1-16Keep Believing
13 Jan 2019Rev Ian SmailesJohn 2:1-11The First Sign
13 Jan 2019Rev Andy SavilleHebrews 12:1-3Keep Going
6 Jan 2019Rev Andy SavilleMatthew 2:1-12The New-born King
6 Jan 2019Richard AttertonHebrew 3:1-14Keep Encouraging