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DateSpeakerBible PassageTitle
29 Dec 2013Alan VinceMatthew 2:1-12The Christmas Visitors
22 Dec 2013Rev Andy SavilleMatthew 1:1-17The Christmas Story
15 Dec 2013Rev Andy BowdenLuke 2:8-20Carol Service
15 Dec 2013Rev Andy Saville1 Peter 3:13-17Playing my part: Giving a reason
15 Dec 2013Alan Vince1 Peter 3:13-17Playing my part: Giving a reason
8 Dec 2013Rev Andy BowdenColossians 4:2-6Playing my part: Asking for help
8 Dec 2013Rev Andy SavilleColossians 4:2-6Playing my part: Asking for help
1 Dec 2013Rev Andy BowdenJohn 9Playing my part - Sharing my story
1 Dec 2013Alan McLaughlinJohn 9Playing my part - Sharing my story
24 Nov 2013Rev Andy SavilleJohn 1:35-42Playing my part: Inviting a friend
10 Nov 2013Alan McLaughlinPsalm 52A tale of two trees
10 Nov 2013Rev Andy BowdenJoshua 4:1-7A lasting memorial
3 Nov 2013Rev Andy BowdenEphesians 1:3-10Passion4Life - The Purpose
3 Nov 2013Richard AttertonEphesians 1:3-10Passion4Life -The Purpose
27 Oct 2013Rev Andy BowdenPsalm 56When I am afraid. I will not be afraid.
27 Oct 2013Rev Keith WilsonJohn 1:35-42Passion4Life - The Team
20 Oct 2013Pastor Nick GrayEphesians 3:14-4:16Mission as the body of Christ
13 Oct 2013Alan VincePsalm 34An A-Z for a tight corner
13 Oct 2013Rev Andy SavilleRomans 1:8-18Passion4Life - The Message
6 Oct 2013Alan McLaughlinPsalm 59Getting on top of things
6 Oct 2013Rev Andy SavilleMark:1-9,14-20Living a fruitful life
29 Sep 2013Rev Andy SavilleJonah 4"I'm angry enough to die"
29 Sep 2013Alan VinceMalachi 3-4The antidote to cynicism
22 Sep 2013Rev Andy SavilleJonah 3"Who knows? We may not perish"
22 Sep 2013Rev Andy BowdenMalachi 2:10-16The antidote to infidelity
15 Sep 2013Rev Andy SavilleJonah 2You listened to my cry
15 Sep 2013Rev Andy BowdenMalachi 1:5-2:9The antidote to apathy
8 Sep 2013Rev Andy SavilleJonah 1:1-17"It's my fault"
8 Sep 2013Rev Andy BowdenMalachi 1:1-5The antidote to doubt
1 Sep 2013Rev Andy SavilleMatthew 28:16-20Mission Possible
25 Aug 2013Rev Andy BowdenPsalm 106:1-5The Good News
25 Aug 2013Alan VinceGalatians 5:26-6:18The Gospel is suffient
18 Aug 2013Rev Andy BowdenGenesis 47:28-31,49:9-12, 50:22-26Life of Joseph; Living in hope
18 Aug 2013Rev Ian SmailesGalatians 5:1-25Gospel freedom, Gospel fruit
11 Aug 2013Alan McLaughlinGenesis 45:1-15,50:15-21Life of Joseph - Able to forgive
11 Aug 2013Alan VinceGalatians 3:26-4:31Gospel Adoption
04 Aug 2013Richard AttertonGenesis 41Life of Joseph:from Prison to Palace
04 Aug 2013Alan McLaughlinGalatians 3:1-25The Gospel and the Law
28 July 2013Rev Andy BowdenGenesis 40Life of Joseph: Serving while waiting
21 July 2013Rev Andy BowdenGenesis 39Life of Joseph-Hope behind bars
21 July 2013Alan VinceGalatians 1:10-2:10 Gospel Unity
14 July 2013Rev Andy Bowden1 Galations:1-9The Gospel reversed
7 July 2013Rev Andy Bowden1 Thessalonians 5:1-11The King is coming - who knows when?
30 JuneRev Andy SavilleLuke 17:20-37The right attitude to the future
23 June 2013Rev Andy BowdenLuke 17:11-19The right attitude to grace
9 June 2013Alan VincePsalm 59Getting on top of things.
9 June 2013Rev Andy SavilleLuke 16:19-31The right attitude to the poor
2 June 2013Richard AttertonLuke 16:1-15The right attitude to money
2 June 2013Rev Ian Smailes1 Peter 2:11-17Thanksgiving for the Queen's Coronation
1 June 2013Rev Andy SavilleEcclesiastes 3:1-14Joe's Funeral address
26 May 2013Rev Andy SavilleActs 2:22-36Trinity Praise
26 May 2013Rev Andy BowdenActs 2:22-36Trinity Praise
19 May 2013Rev Andy SavilleActs 2:1-21Pentecost Praise
19 May 2013Alan VinceActs 2:1-21Pentecost Praise
12 May 2013Rev Andy SavilleLuke 24:50-53 and Acts 1:1-11Ascension Praise
28 Apr 2013Rev Andy SavilleJohn 21:15-25The Risen Jesus transforms Peter
28 Apr 2013Alan Vince1 Corinthians 15:34-49Raised in glory..raised in power
21 Apr 2013Rev Andy BowdenJohn 20:24-31The Risen Jesus transforms Thomas
21 Apr 2013Alan McLaughlin1 Corinthians 15:12-34Christ has indeed been raised from the dead
14 Apr 2013Rev Andy SavilleJohn 20:19-23The Risen Lord transforms the disciples
14 Apr 2013Alan Vince1 Corinthians 15:1-13By this Gospel you are saved
7 Apr 2013Alan McLaughlinJohn 20:10-18The Risen Jesus transforms Mary
30 Mar 2013Rev Andy BowdenJohn 20:1- 8AAW Seeing and believing.
28 Mar 2013Alan VinceJohn 13:1-17Jesus washes the disciples feet
24 Mar 2013Rev Andy SavilleLuke 8:4-15Integrating God's Word into my life
17 Mar 2013Rev Andy SavilleNumbers 21:4-18Understanding the meaning 2
17 Mar 2013Rev Andy BowdenJohn 15:1-7Understanding the meaning 1
10 Mar 2103Rev Andy Saville1 Kings 10:1-13How to study a Bible passage.
3 Mar 2013Rev Andy SavilleEphesians 1:15-33Seeing what God wants me to see.
24 Feb 2013Rev Andy Bowden1 Peter 1:13-23How the Bible changes us.
17 Feb 2013Rev Andy Bowden2 Tim 3:14- 4:5Why can I trust the Bible?
10 Feb 2013Rev Andy SavilleJames 1:4-25How do I build my life on the Bible?
3 Feb 2013Val HallDeuteronomy 1:6-8Armed Forces Christian Union
3 Feb 2013Alan McLaughlinPsalm 121Well Lord I'm off to war: A Christian's perspective
3 Feb 2013Rev Andy BowdenLuke 1:1-4Is the Bible true?
3 Feb 2013Alan VinceLuke 4:1-11The Temptatoion of Jesus
27 Jan 2013Rev Andy BowdenLuke 3:1-18Baptism of Jesus
27 Jan 2013Geoff WarneZechariah 8Leprosy Mission
20 Jan 2013Rev Andy SavilleActs 2:42-47Resourcing our Vision 2013
13 Jan 2013Rev Andy SavilleLuke 2:41-52Our Vision for 2013
6 Jan 2013Richard AttertonLuke 2:4-52Where's Jesus?