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DateSpeakerBible PassageTitle
18 Dec 2016Rev Andy Saville2 Peter 3:10-18The end of the world is....relevant
11 Dec 2016Richard AttertonMatthew 9:14-17Who Jesus is
11 Dec 2016Rev Andy Saville2 Peter 3:1-10The end of the world is....delayed
4 Dec 2016Richard AttertonMatthew 9:9-13Jesus calls
4 Dec 2016Rev Andy Saville2 Peter 3:1-10The end of the world is....ridiculed
27 Nov 2016Rev Andy Saville2 Peter 1:12-21 &3:1-2The end of the world is...promised
20 Nov 2016Rev Chris ConnRevelation 21:1 to 22:5The Joyful God
13 Nov 2016Alan McLaughlinMatthew 9:1-8Jesus forgives
13 Nov 2016Rev Andy Saville1 Corinthians 15:1-8The Life-Giving God
13 Nov 2016Rev Chris ConnExodus 35:30-33'Q' The gadget maker devoted to God
6 Nov 2016Richard AttertonEsther 9 and 10The final episode
6 Nov 2016Rev Chris ConnJohn 4:1-26The fulfilling God
30 Oct 2016Rev Andy SavilleExodus 12:1-13The Liberating God
23 Oct 2016Richard AttertonEsther 4 - 6The Power of One
23 Oct 2016Rev Chris ConnGenesis 12:1-3The Generous God
16 Oct 2016Richard AttertonEsther 2:19 to 3:15The end of the fairytale
16 Oct 2016Rev Chris ConnGenesis 3:1-15The Trustworthy God
9 Oct 2016Richard AttertonEsther 1-2The Emporer's clothes
9 Oct 2016Rev Andy SavilleGenesis 1:27-31The Good God
2 Oct 2016Alan McLaughlinMatthew 8:28-34The healing Jesus
25 Sep 2016Rev Andy SavilleMatthew:23-27The powerful Jesus
25 Sep 2016Rev Chris ConnJob 3:3-7,23:3-8How can I believe.....with all that suffering?
18 Sep 2016Alan VinceMatthew 8:14-22The demanding Jesus
18 Sep 2016Rev Andy SavilleHabakkuk 2:2-5What should we do when disaster strikes?
11 Sep 2016Alan VinceMatthew 8:5-13The Commanding Jesus
11 Sep 2016Rev Andy SavilleHabakkuk 3Why do the wicked succeed?
4 Sep 2016Pastor Graham KIngMatthew 8:1-4The willing Jesus
4 Sep 2016Rev Andy SavilleHabakkuk 1:1-11Why won't God do somthing?
28 Aug 2016Rev Andy SavilleRevelation 21:1-5, 22:1-7Creed 5 - the everlasting life
21 Aug 2016 Rev Ian SmailesRomans 8:18-39Creed 4 - the resurrection of the body
21 Aug 2016Rev Andy SavilleJohn 3:31-16Your biggest choice
14 Aug 2016Rev Andy SavilleRomans 3:21-16Sacrifice - and the forgiveness of sins
14 Aug 2016Rev Chris Conn1 Peter 1:3-5The unstoppable KIng
12 Aug 2015Rev Andy SavilleRevelation 7:9-12Hilary Rogers Funeral
7 Aug 2016Richard Atterton1 Corinthians 12Creed 2 -The holy catholic Church
7 Aug 2016Rev Andy SavilleIsaiah 53Divine reconciliation
31 July 2016Rev Chris ConnJohn 14:16-18Creed 1 - I believe in the Holy Spirit
31 July 2016Richard AttertonRomans 3:10-18Anarchy and retribution
24 July 2016Alan McLaughlinPsalm 72:15-20The Coming King - 4
24 July 2016Rev Chris ConnRevelation 4:1-11God the MagnificentCreator
17 July 2016Alan McLaughlinJohn 15:1-17The fruitful life
17 July 2016Alan VinceEcclesiastes 1:1-11, 2:1-11What's the point?
3 July 2016Richard AttertonPsalm 72The Coming King 2 - Joy
3 July 2016Rev Andy SavilleTitus 3:3-8I believe in the Holy Spirit
26 June 2016Richard AttertonPsalm 72The coming King 1 - Justice
26 June 2016 Rev Ian Smailes1 Corinthians 15:1-18I believe in Jesus Christ
26 June 2016Rev Andy SavilleJohn 17:20-26I believe in God the Father
19 June 2106George VerwerIsaiah 6:1-7Here I am, send me
19 June 2106George VerwerActs20:17:31Radical Discipleship vs Radical Grace
12 June 2016Richard AttertonActs 2:42-47The Team
12 June 2016Rev Chris Conn1 Peter 2:11-17God save the Queen
12 June 2016Rev Andy Saville1 Peter 2:11-17God save the Queen
5 June 2016Richard AttertonActs 2:1-41The Power
5 June 2016Rev Andy SavilleJohn 17:20-26I believe in God, the Father
5 June 2016Alan McLaughlinJohn 15:1-17The Fruitful Life
29 May 2016Rev Andy SavilleMark12:13-17,28-31Europe: what would Jesus do?
22 May 2016Alan VinceActs 1:1-14The Plan
22 May 2016Rev Chris ConnJohn 14:22-41Trinity Sunday: we will come
15 May 2016Rev Andy SavilleGenesis 9:18-29Failure!
15 May 2016Rev Chris ConnJohn 14:15-21Pentecost Sunday - not left as orphans
15 May 2016Rev Andy SavilleActs 2:1-21,37-41Pentecost
8 May 2016Rev Andy SavilleGenesis 8:20-22,9:1-17The Covenant
8 May 2016Rev Chris ConnJohn 14:1-14Preparing a place for you
8 May 2016Alan VinceDaniel 7:1-14Ascension
1 May 2016Alan McLaughlinGenesis 8:1-19Not Forgotten
1 May 2016Rev Andy SavilleMark 10:13-16Let the little children come to me
24 Apr 2016Richard AttertonGenesis 7:6-24The Great Flood
24 Apr 2016Rev Andy SavilleJohn 1:1-18The Final Word
17 Apr 2016Richard AttertonGenesis 6;14-7:5Extraordinary!
17 Apr 2016Rev Andy SavilleJohn 11:1-46Dead Man Walking
10 Apr 2016Rev Chris ConnGenesis 6:5-13When the world looks bad.
3 Apr 2016Rev Chris ConnJohn 6:1-40What were you expecting?
27 Mar 2016Richard AttertonHebrews 10:1-18The sacrifice of Easter
27 Mar 2016Rev Chris ConnJohn 20:1-9A very big stone and a lot of running
20 Mar 2016Richard Atterton1 Corinthians 1:18-31Getting ready for Easter
20 Mar 2016Rev Chris ConnJohn 19:16-37The Great Exchange
13 Mar 2016Rev Ian SmailesMatthew 26:17-29Why Communion?
13 Mar 2016Alan VinceJohn 5:1-13Who does Jesus think he is?
6 Mar 2016Alan McLaughlinMatthew 28:16-20Why baptise?
6 Mar 2016Rev Andy SavilleJohn 4:4-29Do you come here often?
28 Feb 2016Alan VincePsalm 95Why Worship?
28 Feb 2016Rev Chris ConnJohn 20:31-34, 21:24-25Boring,irrelevant and untrue
21 Feb 2016Simon PinchbeckJohn 3:11-18Losing my religion
14 Feb 2016Pastor Keith WilsonJohn 2:1-11, 20:30-31A Sign of What's Coming
7 Feb 2016Richard AttertonNumbers 6:22-27God Bless You
31 Jan 2016Richard AttertonMatthew 16:24-27What I need
31 Jan 2016Rev Andy Saville1 Timothy 6:17-19Financial priorities
24 Jan 2016Richard AttertonActs 13:44-14:7Good news for the outsider
17 Jan 2015Richard Atterton1 Samuel 7Giants
17 Jan 2016Rev Chris ConnActs 13:13-43Christ for the churchgoer
10 Jan 2016Richard AttertonPhilippians 3:12-15Setting goals
10 Jan 2016Rev Andy SavilleActs 13:4-12A leader comes to Christ
3 Jan 2016Richard AttertonNumbers 6:24-26Happy New Year
3 Jan 2016Ian SmailesMatthew 2:13-23The sad news of Christmas
3 Jan 2016Alan VinceMatthew 2:1-12The good news of Christmas