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DateSpeakerBible passageTitle
20 Dec 2015Rev Chris ConnLuke 2:8-11The Angels message to the shepherds
20 Dec 2015Alan McLaughlinExodus 17:8-16Military Secrets
13 Dec 2015Richard AttertonLuke 2:8-20Joy
13 Dec 2015Rev Andy SavilleExodus 17:1-17Depending on the Lord
6 Dec 2015Rev Chris ConnExodus 13:17 - 14:31The Red Sea
29 Nov 2015Pastor Nick GrayPsalm 110Christ: unstoppable king; eternal priest: final judge
22 Nov 2015Richard AttertonJoshua 6:1-15 and 20Migration and Refugees
22 Nov 2015Pastor Keith WilsonPsalm 45A wedding song
15 Nov 2015Rev Andy SavillePsalm 2Joining the winning side
8 Nov 2015Richard AttertonJohn 3:1-2 and 10--18Technology
8 Nov 2015Rev Chris ConnPsalm 46Major General Sir Henry Havelock - A peaceful man at war
1 Nov 2015Rev Andy SavilleExodus 12The Passsover
25 Oct 2015Rev Ian SmailesPsalm 127How to be good parents
25 Oct 2015Rev Chris ConnExodus:6:28 - 7:13The Plagues
18 Oct 2015Rev Andy SavilleMatt 6:25-34How to deal with Stress
18 Oct 2015Alan VinceLuke 2:39-52Growing like Jesus
11 Oct 2015Richard AttertonLuke 16:1-13How to handle money better
11 Oct 2015Rev Andy SavilleExodus 5:1-6.12Dealing with Discouragement
4 Oct 2015Richard AttertonEphesians 4:25-32How to have a better marriage
27 Sep 2015Alan Vince1 Corinthians 1:18-31Jesus - the Saviour
27 Sep 2015Rev Chris ConnExodus 4Reluctant Rescuer
20 Sep 2015Alan VinceHebrews 10:1-18Jesus - the Sacrifice
20 Sep 2015Rev Andy SavilleExodus 3Meeting the real hero
13 Sep 2015Alan McLaughlinJohn 10:1-15Jesus - the Shepherd
13 Sep 2015Rev Andy SavilleExodus 3The birth of a Saviour
30 Aug 2015Richard Atterton1 John 1:3 - 2:2Walking with God
28 June 2015Richard AttertonPhilippians 3:12-15Look to the future
28 June 2015Simon ShuttJoshua 4:1-8A Pile of Stones
21 June 2015Richard AttertonLuke 15:1-32But what about us?
21 June 2015Rev Andrew Bowden1 Peter 5:1-4How to lead
14 June 2015Alan VinceMark 8:1-21Not only...but also!
14 June 2015Rebekah CollinsLCM Missioner. Role and experiences
14 June 2015Graham MillerActs 1:6-8Graham Miller LCM
7 June 2015Richard AttertonActs 2:1-14How to recognise God's voice.
7 June 2015Rev Andy Saville1 Peter 4:12-19How to find joy in tough times.
31 May 2015Rev Ian SmailesMark 7:31-37Stressed into blessed
31 May 2015Rev Andrew Bowden1 Peter 4:1-11How to change for the better
31 May 2015Alan Vince1 Peter 4:1-11How to change for the better.
24 May 2015Rev Andy Saville1 Peter 3:8-22How to win people for Christ.
24 May 2015Rev Andrew BowdenActs 2:1-41Pentecost
17 May 2015Rev Andy SavilleMark 7:14-23Can I please everyone?
17 May 2015Rev Andy Saville1 Peter 3:1-7How to be a better partner
17 May 2015Rev Andrew BowdenActs 1:1-11The Ascension
10 May 2015Richard AttertonMark 7:1-13Set free to live.
10 May 2015Rev Ian Smailes1 Peter 2:18-25How to deal with a difficult boss.
3 May 2015Alan McLaughlinMark 6:45-56Walking with God
26 Apr 2015Rev Andy Saville1 Peter 2:18-25What are goverments for?
19 Apr 2015Alan McLaughlinMark 6:14-29What is real faith?
19 Apr 2015Alan Vince1 Peter 2:4-12What are Churches for?
12 Apr 2015Richard AttertonMark 6:7-13Making the most of our opportunities.
12 Apr 2015Alan McLaughlin1 Peter 1:22-2:3How can we change our faults?
5 Apr 2015Rev Andy SavilleMatt 28:1-10'On the first day of the week'
22 Mar 2015Alan VinceMark 5:21-43Is there a link between health and faith?
22 Mar 2015Rev Andrew Bowden2 Samuel 12:1-13Mouthpiece for Truth and Justice
22 Mar 2015Rev Andy Saville2 Samuel 12:1-13Mouthpiece for Truth and Justice
15 Mar 2015Richard AttertonMark 5:1-20What is the reality of evil
15 Mar 2015Rev Andy SavilleMatthew 5:13-16Moulding Culture
15 Mar 2015Alan VinceMatthew 5:13-16Moulding Culture
8 Mar 2015Richard AttertonMark 4:35-41Who is Jesus
8 Mar 2015Rev Andrew BowdenLuke 10:25-37Ministering Grace and Truth
8 Mar 2015Alan McLaughlinLuke 10:25-37Ministering Grace and Truth
1 Mar 2015Richard AttertonPhilippians 2:19-30How can I find happiness?
1 Mar 2015Rev Andy SavilleColossians 3:22-4:1Making Good Work
1 Mar 2015Alan VinceColossians 3:22-4:1Making Good Work
22 Feb 2015Alan McLaughlinMark 4:30-34What is the 'Secret' to History?
22 Feb 2015Rev Andrew BowdenGalatians 5:13-26Modelling Godly Character
15 Feb 2015Alan VinceMark 4:26-29Is there an antidote to burnout?
15 Feb 2015Rev Andy SavilleColossians 1:15-20Fruitfulness on the Frontline
1 Feb 2015Rev Andrew BowdenLuke 2:41-52Lost and Found
18 Jan 2015Alan McLaughlinThe Red SeaMark 3:31-35How can I join Jesus' family?
18 Jan 2015Rev Andy Saville1 Peter 1:3-12Our place in the world to come
11 Jan 2015Rev Andy SavilleMark :20-30What is the 'unforgivable sin'?
11 Jan 2015Rev Andrew Bowden1 Peter 1:1-2Our place in the world
11 Jan 2015Alan VinceLuke 2:36-40Anna speaks of the Saviour
4 Jan 2015Richard AttertonHebrews 11:23-27Choosing your future
4 Jan 2015Rev Andy SavilleLuke 2:21-35Simeon holds the Saviour
4 Jan 2015Rev Ian SmailesLuke 2:21-35Simeon holds the Saviour