Homegroups are an essential part of our church community. Often centred around a bible passage, they give us a chance to ask questions and discuss ideas as to how the bible applies to our lives.

Homegroups are also the source of deeper relationships and strong friendships as we encourage and support each other through our journey of faith and through the ups and downs of life.

There are seven homegroups at the moment and you are welcome to ‘try them out’ until you find a group that’s right for you.

We also meet together socially for meals.


Monday Evenings


Tuesday Mornings

Elspeth’s ladies

Tuesday evenings:

The Davies Homegroup  (meets at different members’ homes)


Wednesday evenings:

Elizabeth Avenue Homegroup, Staines
Lloyd-Davies (alt weeks)

Thursday afternoons

Heather at the Youth Centre

Thursday evenings:
The Vince Homegroup, (meets at different members’ homes
The Parker Homegroup, (meets at different members’ homes)
The ‘Shepperton’ Homegroup, (meets at different members’ homes)

Friday mornings


If you would like to  join or try out any of the groups, please contact the church office.